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Little Changes #5: Risks

UniPhi Software, 12 Jul 2019

Two modules of UniPhi that didn't get any major updates in UniPhi 15 are Issues and Risks. The Issues module is a stable module with little request for change from end users. Risks received a major overhaul as part of Uniphi 10 and 14. As a consequence here have been a couple of small legacy issues that have spilled over and have now been fixed in UniPhi 15.

Changes to Filtering

Issue number one was fixing the fact that originally our risk dashboard, which was built in 2007, didn't have the concept of a treated and an untreated risk level - it just had the one level. You simply rated your risks likelihood, consequence and a level so where you now see two columns, Untreated and Treated, you would only seen one.

Risk Dashboard - Untreated & Treated Columns
We expanded this into two columns 5 years ago in UniPhi 10 but what we didn't do was allow for both Treated and Untreated level filtering - just treated. Now, with UniPhi 15, the change we've made is that we have added an Untreated filter.

Untreated Filter
With this new addition you can now, for example, filter for very high on untreated and something else for treated and generate a subset of your risk management plan and risk framework.

Filter Drop-Downs

Changes to Reports

Just like in the dashboards, Risk Reports were missing some filters as well. In UniPhi 15, we have added status filters and escalation filters to the Risk Management Plan Report.

New Report Filters

You can now filter out the relevant statuses in the Risk Report that will then come into it when you run that Risk Management Plan.

Status Filter

Escalate to Filter

So hopefully a couple of frustrations reported by users have now gone away...bring on the next load.


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