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Little changes #10: Suppliers and Principals

UniPhi Software, 05 Aug 2019

Another unicry moment we have been working on solving has to do with the contract and resource module. We have now created a new search drop down in contracts so you can add suppliers and principals directly.

In previous version of UniPhi, to be able to select a principal and supplier to your contract, you had to:
  1. Add contract in Resources module
  2. Go to the Contracts module
  3. Add contract and select principal and supplier
The great unicry moment was when you went straight to step two and the supplier wasn't on the team. You then had to cancel creating the contract, go to the resource module,  add them in (some project managers couldn't do this - even more frustration) and then go back and start again.

However, now in UniPhi 15,  just add the contract then search the entire resource pool for the principal and supplier! Note, they will not be added to the resource team, just be suppliers and principals to the contract itself. This is due to most principals and suppliers being contacts that are not communicated with outside of invoices.

We have articulated this new method below:

1) Add Contract
UniPhi 15 Contracts Module - Add Contract

2) Add details & select Principal & Supplier from drop-down search
UniPhi 15: Add New Contract - Principal & Supplier Search Drop-downs

3) Save!

Another side benefit to this is that the resource team doesn't get clogged with "accounts payable" suppliers which can be as many as 100 or more on large construction projects.


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